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The BIG IDEA for this month, courtesy of creative sprinkle, Curtis Mayfield, is

Keep on keeping on

At a recent writers group, we were discussing how life intervenes and pulls us away from creative projects. The trick is to return to them. Melissa Dinwiddie describes this as “getting back on the wagon.” This seems, to me, pretty much the secret of a happy life: release, recommit, return. I have to:

  • release any feelings of shame or harshness I feel for having made no progress on my creative project,
  • recommit to doing the project and
  • return to work.

Starter actionTake one tiny action on your creative project. I heard recently of the man who makes it his goal each day to floss one tooth. Once he gets started, he ends up flossing them all, but his intent is to floss just one. Write one word; make one mark; play one note.


Video Morsel(7:00) Poet John O’Donohue suggests – toward the beginning of this video clip – that the time we spend in creative frustration may be “the secret nutrient to produce something which may be very fine.” (He goes on to talk about creativity and faith.)


Printable Morsel 4×6” PDF of

Release recover return card design


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