Delights of the Day for the Week

I’ve been practicing what I call The Delight of the Day. Each day I watch for moments that inspire a strong feeling of gratitude and  joy within me.   I mentally label the strongest such moment The Delight of the Day.  The practice encourages what psychologists call “positive scanning.”  I’m waiting for good things to happen  and, when they do, I notice and celebrate them.


I need two kinds of nourishment in my life. I first identified them in Dancing with Monsters when I wrote about healing environments: the Mexican market and Japanese tea room.

The Mexican market is full of sensual stimulation and activity. There are colors and smells and sounds and tastes and textures. It’s exciting! It’s informative! It’s inspiring! The conference I went to last weekend, my social outings this week and learning new things nourish me in that sparkly energetic way.

The Japanese tea room is quiet. There are soothing colors, simple sounds, solitude. It’s restful and slow-paced. Today, after a week of activity, I’m realizing I need that kind of environment. I need candlelit mindful energy.

What environments heal and nourish you? How can you give yourself what you need?

Here are my  Delights for this week:

!!! My first ever laughter yoga session with a perfect way to live out my kind promise – celebrating each moment.

  Lunch with just my brother. It’s been a long time since we had quality one-on-one time.

!!! Hearing the women in my small coaching group reminds me that, though our paths differ, we are on similar journeys.

!!! Finding laughter yoga resources on YouTube enabled me to create a new, fun daily practice.

 Spending the day writing, indulging my creative passion and sharing my discoveries.

 Hearing small-town history from the people whose families made the history– I am grateful for the bravery and strength of my ancestors

 A day alone at home to ask: what do my body and soul need right now?

May you find delight in each day.