Creativity Cookies: Morsels for your Muse

Welcome to Creativity Cookies, your monthly invitation to creative action!

The BIG IDEA for this month is

Connect and Collaborate with the World


This is an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT in response to information fatigue. We have so-o-o- much information coming at us from so-o-o- many places. Sometimes, we fear that if we Google what we’re working on, we’ll find thousands (millions?) of examples of others doing it better and more elegantly.

But we can also gather inspiration reaching through time  and across geography.  Drinking in all these influences makes us collaborators with all that we see and experience. What richness!

Starter action

Once a week, visit a random website ( ?) or email and ask “how will I let this inform or inspire my work ?”


Video Morsel

(4:07) Steven Johnson reminds us that good ideas come from cross-fertilization.

Printable Morsel
33 Ways to Stay Creative


Chance Favors the connected mind

Creativity Cookies is published on the 15th of each month.