Delights of the Day for the Week

I’ve been practicing what I call The Delight of the Day. Each day I watch for moments that inspire a strong feeling of gratitude and  joy within me.   I mentally label the strongest such moment The Delight of the Day.  The practice encourages what psychologists call “positive scanning.”  I’m waiting for good things to happen  and, when they do, I notice and celebrate them.


On Monday night, we took my 15-year-old daughter to the emergency room because she was in so much abdominal pain. I appreciated the skill of the healthcare providers as they ran their tests and eliminated possibilities. I appreciated the support I received from people on the phone and via email. We’re still not sure what caused the pain, but it subsided. Sometimes relief is delight.

Here are my  Delights for this week:

!!! My daughter recovered from her pain.

Sometimes delight isn’t a big swoop of joy. Sometimes it is a quieter realization that things were bad and now they’re not.

What kinds of quiet, might-be-missed delight do you experience?

  We had a guest at group to which I belong. Yay for her bravery and what fun learning about someone new!

!!! Had a good talk with my daughter. I love to hear about the worlds of those I adore.

!!! I listened to a Creative Living Podcast. It inspires me to hear from those who share my values.

 I was writing and the ideas and language just flowed. It’s great when the activities we love to do come easily.

!!! Eating oatmeal and drinking chai – a leisurely breakfast with one I love.

!!!   Published 28 Simple Acts of Self-compassion. I got to use my strengths in service to a friend.

May you find delight in each day.