Creativity Cookies: Morsels for your Muse and
Welcome to Creativity Cookies, your monthly invitation to take creative action!

The BIG IDEA, brought to you by Creative Sprinkle [somebody who is inspiring me with his or her creative yowza],  Ed Emberley:

Your duty is to  present YOU to the other  YOUs in the world.

“If you like my books, there’s something about you that’s just like me,” Ed says.  “That’s the person I can speak to. If I try to speak to everybody, I speak to nobody. I can only speak to the  other Ed Emberley’s there are in the world. My duty is to present me out to the other mes in the world and that’s what I do.”

[Ed has written and illustrated over 80 children’s books, including over a dozen inviting people to draw.  Watch Getting to know Ed, 15:19]

If you hesitate to share your work with the world because you think it wouldn’t be popular or marketable or as-good-as, STOP IT!   No one else can do your work.  It’s another wonderful paradox: You and your work are unique in the world.  At the same time,   the other YOUs  in the world are hungry to recognize themselves in your voice.  They need you to be you out loud.

Video Morsel ( 1:54)   Derek Sivers reassures you that what’s obvious to you may be amazing to others.

Printable Morsel

Martha Graham  tells you it’s not your business to determine how your work compares with other creative expressions. It’s your business to keep the channel open. (PDF)


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