Delights of the Day for the Week

For several years, I’ve been practicing whatI call The Delight of the Day. Each day I watch for moments that inspire a strong feeling of gratitude and  joy within me.   I mentally label the strongest such moment The Delight of the Day.  The practice encourages what psychologists call “positive scanning.”  I’m waiting for good things to happen  and, when they do, I notice and celebrate them.


Delights and dangers  come together when you start a week with 10 inches of snow. The same might be said for the holiday season: things get more lovely and also more fraught.

Here are my  Delights for this week:

!!!  In separate conversations,  friends of mine spoke honestly about how they are doing. There are challenges: children struggling with mental health and relationship  issues,  chronic  illnesses, crazy work schedules.   One friend said, “I almost don’t want to tell anybody…”  I’m grateful she was honest about her life. Because of her bravery,  our connection became  richer deeper. Real life, honest conversations are sacred.  I am honored by these friends.

With whom can you share  how you really are  this week?  To whom can you take extra time to listen

   My husband and I spent a few hours doing financial paperwork. It was not a delight, but getting everything into the envelopes  and being done with it was.

!!!  The snow sure is beautiful!

!!!   The dog has adjusted to the snowfall by asking for fewer outings. I selfishly find this delightful.

   A goofy snowman in south Minneapolis sported a chicken comb.

!!!  After almost rushing to the phone to buy now (remember  Opus?, I got some new ideas about how to resist good salespeople.

!!!    Made a PDF poster  of a Martha Graham quote. Check it out!

May you find delight in each day.