This month I have invited myself to focus on the blessings in my life. This seems like it should be incredibly easy, yet I just spent 20 minutes surfing for ideas. What’s hard about this?

I am pretty good about saying “thank you” at appropriate times. Clearly, I want to do more. I’m looking for a practice or two that I can integrate into my life along with cues to get it done. My surfing has netted me batch 1 and batch 2 of ideas.

The question is: what do I want to try?

  • I have recently recommitted to writing “morning pages.” I will integrate a gratitude journal into that practice.
  • I will return to “saying grace.”
  • I will use water as a gratitude cue.
  • On Fridays, I will send three thank you email messages.

To figure out:
I would love to give thank you gifts to strangers who help me. What could that be? How can I carry/manipulate it?

I find myself wishing this blog entry was more: more clever, more philosophical, funnier and so on. I will let that wish be and move into appreciating that I can do a blog entry for the first time in weeks. That reminds me of some email thank you’s I need to send…

Thank you