>My kind promise to myself for this month is to live joyfully without reason.

In early January, I wondered whether to choose a different promise next. My mother died at the end of December. Perhaps joy would be hard to come by or an inappropriate thing for which to reach. I know my mother loved me and I know that a loving mother wants her child to be happy. I added the words “without reason” to this promise precisely because I want to learn how to be joyful in the midst of hardship, how to live with joy despite the circumstances. So here we go.

My first task, with each of these themes, is to search for appropriate quotes and load them on Twitter. (Yes, I use a Twitter buffer called Twuffer rather than posting live.) As I was puzzling how to be joyful, I ran across this quote:

It made me think of A.J. Muste’s famous line, “there is no way to peace—peace is the way.”  It will not serve me to overthink this joy thing.

There is no way to joy. Joy is the way.

(I need to lose my inner Mary Poppins!)