>I have committed, once again, to Art Every Day Month. As before, I need to decide what that’s going to mean to me. What can my body do this year, this day?

I have my paints and paper out on the table where they are easy to reach.  I approach with no expectations, except to put paint on brush on paper. I am learning already.  Here are some lessons:

Day 1: hey, I can do this!

Day 2:  I am happier with abstracts and than trying to do something representational… Even if it’s impressionistic. I
Day 3:   Took my daughter’s advice to paint a teddy bear . imimmediately disliked, but it’s growing on me . I’m not sure what thlesson is yet…  
Day 4:  color makes me happy!

I am so wordy.  This month I get to be quiet and listen…