>Art Every Day Month, Days 27-30

It is December. I am embarrassed to admit I have been wondering what to do about December for days. Art Every Day Month is over. Will I stop making art? Will I stop the other behaviors (meditating, exercising) that I connected with making art?

I have to laugh at myself. I decided to make art every day. There was no one making me do it and there is no one grading me on my participation. My thought, “where do I go from here?” is only a thought. It pulls me into a future that has not yet arrived. If I stay in the here and now, I will be all right.

Here is what I did the last four days of November.

  1. Texture again
  2. Experiment with an object
  3. Meditation on Strong Feelings
  4. Following the Hand 11-30-10

Today is December 3. I painted yesterday and the day before (in a new notebook I bought). I painted because I picked up the brush and painted.

With the new notebook, I created some new rules.

  1. I don’t have to create something new every day. I can add to a painting done on an earlier day.
  2. I don’t have to use only one piece of paper every day. (I bought three notebooks.)
  3. I don’t have to blog about what I create every week, nor do I have to scan and post the results.

I have thoughts about where to go (and not go) from here with my painting that have been generated by what I’ve done over the last 30 days. (Day 28 was an experiment that definitely gave me some ideas.)

Those are thoughts and ideas. I can welcome them with “curious attention” (as one of my favorite meditation guides would say).

When it comes to continuing to paint in the coming month, I just need to pick up the brush.