>It is still Art Every Day Month.

  1. Vibrant Energies
  2. Following the Hand 11-14-10
  3. Hot Chocolate
  4. Loving Kindness
  5. Behind My Eyelids
  6. Mandala 11-18-10
  7. Moving On…

During the past week I have noticed that, when I try to control the marks I’m making, when I try to be very deliberate, I like the product less. I am clenched around what’s happening and the tightness shows. When I paint without an agenda, just following the hand or starting with a vague notion, I find the results more beautiful.

I thought about calling this post “Less Control Equals More Beauty.”  Then I thought about the results of lack of control in my life: working too much, saying mean things, etc. That lack of control does not produce good results. I chose the word surrender instead.

I am not trying to control the marks, rather they are being pulled out of me by the idea or the emotion that I’m trying to express. Surrendering to that process makes the work more fun and the results are more beautiful.

Art imitates life.