>For the past week, I’ve been driving (off and on) an Invacare wheelchair. As promised by the Rehab Specialist, this model addressed many of my earlier frustrations.

  • The mid-wheel drive made the chair much easier to steer (even with a joystick) and made for a tighter turning radius. Swiveling sure beats the forward-back motion of the scooter!
  • The smaller size meant I could (with some planning) reach the floor.
  • Shorter armrests allowed me to get closer to sinks, computer keyboards, etc.
  • With swing-away footrests, I could transfer more easily. (The bathroom at work continues to baffle me, though. If I get a wheelchair, I will have to ask for some accommodation, but WHAT, exactly?)

There were still some problems. With my vast, two-wheelchair experience, I can separate (I think) the ones that come with wheelchair territory from the ones that can be addressed.

Carrying stuff with a wheelchair is going to be tricky.
Getting through doors will take caution and strength.

But, we can find a different headrest (the loaner had a Stealth headrest) that will not spear passing ten year-olds.
We can adjust the footrests so they’re not at odd angles.

The wheelchair is definitely more comfortable and maneuverable than the scooter. Assuming I get one, it will usher in a whole new learning curve. After today, the issue will be in the lap of the insurance gods.