>Since I started this blog, I’ve been hunting around for a theme for it. I’m a person with M.S. who is committed to the process of creativity, but that’s all background. I wanted something less vague. Over the last two weeks, it has emerged: This blog is abut establishing myself as a person with disability. I’ve been living with disability–TECHNICALLY–for 25 years, but in the last year it’s become real. It’s one thing to walk with difficulty. It’s another thing not to be able to stand up.

My optimstic and naive assumptions (if your doctor orders it, your insurance company will help pay for it) are being challenged. My understanding of how disability affects an entire family is expanding.

I have no time today, but I was determined to get a post done. Before I go, let me report that the experiment I started last post is still underway, but far more difficult than I expected. I don’t want to burden my family; how can asking for help constantly NOT be a burden? I’ve changed the rules: If I try and fail three times, then I can ask for help. I’m supposed to do it with good humor, though.

Maybe a hurried post IS worse than no post at all…