Practicing Life as a Creative Experiment E-book

Change happens.

cover-fin-webMaybe you invited it.
A churning-burning-yearning
grew inside you so strongly that
you could no longer shove it
back in so you took the step
that you thought would be
the bravest, biggest, boldest
step you could take and now
here you are
standing in your new life and
all the monsters come calling.

Or maybe it crashed down on you.
You thought everything was fine,
that life was going as usual,
that tomorrow would be
the same as today,
that you had it
pretty much sorted
and out of nowhere
it fell on you.
News you didn’t want to hear
turning you into
a person you didn’t want to be
complete with the life
you never thought you’d have but
here it is and
all the monsters come calling.

In Practicing Life as a Creative Experiment, Kate Wolfe-Jenson shows you how to use creative expression to deal with monsters and explore, move into and through change. Using playful metaphor and emotional insight, Kate describes the journey of change and provides creative exercises and practices to help you move toward your unique recipe for comfort and joy.

Kate has developed and practiced these techniques during 30 years of dealing with chronic
illness and progressive disability. She has a Masters degree in Human Development with an
emphasis in creativity. She is the author of Dancing with Monsters: Chronic Illness as
Creative Transformation and is the author/illustrator of Mac and His Monster.

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