Practices are things I do on a regular basis in order to help me live a stronger, more connected life.  All these practices require, for me, continuous recommitment. I am learning to be merciful of my lapses and begin again.

  • Connection: being with other people in a safe, accepting way that allows us to be honest about what’s going on in our lives.
  • Delight of the Day: identifying one thing each day that has brought me delight.
  • Fill Your Cup: a few hours each month where I do something that fills me with positive energy.
  • Meditation: spending time in the quiet, watching my breath and returning my mind to my breath when it wanders.
  • Mindfulness: returning to the present moment.
  • Movement: stretching, aerobic movement and gently connecting with my body are important for me.
  • Play: doing something that brings me–and others– joy each day.

Do you have a practice you’d like to recommend? Let me know.