Begin in Beauty

Begin In Beauty

Greet Each Day with Joy and Gratitude

This four-week email creative experiment is designed to help you move into your life awash in gratitude for the beauty around us. It’s easy to lose touch with what brings us peace and happiness. There is always beauty around us. Noticing and responding to it, our hearts open in gratitude and we relax into joy.

Psychological research shows that both paying attention to the beauty around us and practicing gratitude leave us feeling more positive, more relaxed, more fascinated with life and acting with more generosity and compassion.

Now you get to run your own creative experiments, acting in the laboratory of your interior world.

What happens when you take a few minutes twice a week to notice beauty, practice gratitude and respond creatively?

Each of the 10 email messages you will receive will include:

  • a written invitation to connect with the one facet of the beauty around you
  • a short meditation,
  • writing and art journaling prompts.

Sink into joy! Begin in Beauty!

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